Prairie Lanes Entertainment Center
W16466 Cty Rd S East of Markesan
Markesan, Wisconsin 53946
920-398-3183 or 398-8023

Please allow me to take a few minutes of your time to introduce you to "Uncle Ozzie."

I'm Clyde Olson, half of the properitorship of "Bonnie and Clyde's Polka Palace."   We
are located at the Prairie Lanes Entertainment Center in Markesan, Wisconsin.

Uncle Ozzie, for long years has made a name for himself as a leader of a big band.   
They had a reputation that ranked them with the giants of the day.   Now he is a solo act
that is quickly becoming as well known as a crowd pleaser.

We are hiring less and less big bands as they are becoming cost prohibitive and as you
know the cost has to be passed long to the customers in one way or another.

Ozzie doesn't seem like a one piece band...he plays many instruments and does vocals
with backup singers and players from his old band.   He is full of energy, and I have
never seen him glance at his watch.   In fact, his slogan is "For Them I'll Play Some
More."   And he does!

He keeps his breaks to a minimum and his shows are always fresh.   So much I actually
booked him about once a month for our season.   I have never booked any one
performer that much before but as I have witnessed his shows are always new and he
never seems to stick to his song list that he so carefully puts together.

He plays the crowd.   He does requests.   He always shows up early for his gig and
allows plenty of time for load-in and set up to insure a trouble free, good sounding

His wife, Shirley is a professional technician and operates the sound board extremely
well.   The other two members of his road crew are fun loving and perfect additions to
his show.

I highly recoomend Uncle Ozzie for your venue.   Hire him once and you will want him
back again.

                                                                     Warm Regards and Thank You!