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Cuca web site Press Release     16 August, 2004

A Phenomenon in Music

It wasn't until I was driving home from the Dorf Haus in Roxbury yesterday that I realized
that I just saw another "one man show"...for I thoroughly enjoyed the Uncle Ozzie Dance
Show more so than many 12 piece old time bands in the past; actually than "any" 12 piece
band, and I've seen many.   Not only was his talent overflowing playing six different
instruments along with 8 tracks of musicians performing electronically, the music, the
voices, the whole show, was in such good taste that my opinions of today's values when
compared to the good old days, is once again restored.

And he looks good, up there, with charisma so honest, that I enjoyed just watching and
listening, having as much fun, as the near 100 dancers out on the floor.   It's not that I'm a
bad dancer (which I am), but my legs haven't been all that usable for many years....but
who needs to dance with this kind of show around?

The "Sound" is absolutely great!.., actually better than live sound of a big band since the
proper balance and conditioning has already been done electronically.   Also, Ozzie spared
nothing in setting up the highest quality of sound equipment available.   And with Shirley
carefully watching over the mixing console, the sound stays good through out the whole
show...and when some change in programming the songs occurred, such as a special
request...bang!'s done, flawlessly.

I know a little about this stuff, having recorded over 400 bands and over 15,000 muscians,
and having over 1500 different releases commerically.   This guy rates right up toward the

He's a survivor, over 40 years in the business, and has kept the old time music live!   His
hard, hard, work has paid off.   He has strong followers, several hundred, who really
appreciate having the Uncle Ozzie Show.   Once he gets re-discovered, he could go all the
way to the top nationally.