December  2015
Uncle Ozzie's Schedule
TUE: Dec. 2 - Springdale Village @ Roberto’s Rest. 7255 E. Broadway Rd. Mesa, AZ ( Happy Hour ) 2 - 3:00
FRI:  Dec. 4 -
Brookdale Apache Jct. 2080 S. Ironwood Dr. Apache Jct., AZ ( Happy Hour ) 2:30 - 3:30

Sorry to say we had to cancel 12 jobs....For the Dec. 4 job, Ozzie could not hear the horns right, all sounded off
key. The next day he had a CT scan of his head, that showed a blood clot on left side of head and dried blood on
right side of his head (this dried blood came from the first fall in Branson ). Because he had a bad head ache ever
since the Branson fall. Then he wacked the left side of his head badly under the RV cabinet on Nov. 24th, that
caused the fresh bleeding and blood clot on the left side. Prior to all this he had fallen backwards over an electric
scooter in Branson first week in Nov., then fell off a 30" stool at our house Nov. 17th setting a timer to go off
above my computer. Probably because his equilibrium was off from the first fall. Then fell a third time after our
last job at Wichita, KS, tripping forward over a curb on 21st of Nov. coming out of our RV. On all 3 of these falls
he never hit his head, till coming up under our RV Cabinet Nov. 24th, the 2nd day after getting to our park in
Arizona. Ozzie has been on blood thinners since getting Lymes disease in 2010. Being on blood thinners added to
the reason for the trauma to his head. Ozzie’s pulse dropped to 30 before surgery, so this lead to him wearing a
Heart Monitor for 30 days.
Dec. 5th Ozzie went by ambulance from one hospital to a neurosurgery center in hospital at Phoenix Banner Unv.
Medical Center & had Surgery on Sunday Dec. 6th. They CUT his SCULL OPEN 3" to get the blood clot out on
left side of head & put tube in to drain for 3 days. Also, using 15 STAPES to close his head. Went home on 10th
of Dec. with a catheter. Then got Blatter Infection and fever Dec. 17th, I had taken him to a near by hospital, so
he went by ambulance again back to same hospital in Phoenix for another 4 days, came home Dec. 20th. All this
time having a catheter in, till Feb. 3 after GREEN LIGHT LASAR PROSTATE Surgery. Couldn’t do the Prostate
surgery till got clearance from the Cardiologist. Every thing turned out OK for his heart. Feb. 2, Ozzie had his
GREEN LIGHT LASAR PROSTATE Surgery, he is doing fine now & back playing.