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For Them I'll Play Some More    I Love You, Arizona

The Birdie Song                            Ping Pong Polka   

Springtime Polka                  I'm Always Happy
1. For Them, I'll Play Some More (Waltz) 2:17
2. I'm Always Happy (Polka) 2:55
3. Ten Pretty Girls (Schottiche) 2:43
4. Old Time Waltz Favorites 3:34
5. Laughing Polka 2:54
6. I Love YOu, Arizona (Waltz) 2:51
7. Swing Medley (Angry & Doodlee Doo) 3:35
8. You Oughta See Pickles Now (Polka) 2:22
9. The Birdie Song (Waltz) 2:46
10. Ping Pong Polka 2:26
11. We Left Our Wives At Home (Waltz) 2:12
12. Springtime Polka 2:51
13. Sing and Swing Medley (You Call Everybody
Darlin/You Are My Sunshine/Heart O' My Heart) 3:35
14. I Love Everybody (Waltz) 3:12
15. Good Nite, My Friends (Polka) 1:37
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