Uncle Ozzie

I’ve been privileged to work with over 4,000 musicians in recording and producing
LPs, 45s, 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs and DVDs starting in 1959. Also, running a full time
music business for 12 years, including a professional recording studio, a pressing plant
and FM stereo radio station.

At one time I felt that one could go to any part of the U.S., and wouldn’t have to
look far to find talent. After working the business in Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona,
California and Ireland, I no longer say that.....since I found the talent here in Wisconsin to
be much more concentrated than anywhere else I’ve been. Perhaps this relates to the
rural area families, German, Irish, Polish, etc., when music in the home was greatly
encouraged, and the interference of "outside" entertainment was not a factor to get in the
way. Or finding that Wisconsin has thousand of small towns, with each town having a
Rock band and an Old Time band....and where the school systems, because of the
evident rich talents, become well known for their music programs.

Ron Banks (40 years ago) then from Adams-Friendship area of the state came into our
studio in Sauk City with his "UNCLE OZZIE" Band. Here was a guy who knew how to
play many instruments, knew the music that "his" people loved, and was an endless
seeker of staying ahead of the business with fresh, innovative ideas in music
performances, since not only did he put on one hell of a dance, he put on a show that
entertained everyone in the dance hall, much with the style of Lawrence Duchow, Uncle
Julius, names that were just a few years before Ozzie, nationwide hits, but when TV cut
severely into the dance business, then, and especially now, Uncle Ozzie kept bringing
them in. He’s a survivor, not only because of his talents, and his promotions, both of
which need to be there, he retired from his day time job in order to free him up for his
dances, and because he has one of the best business minds I’ve ever seen in the

But beyond all of that, I enjoy his music....that what he writes, that what he plays, and that
which "he" enjoys. He’s surrounded himself with some of the best musicians out
there; he’s included his wife Shirley in everything he does (and she’s largely
responsible for the promotional support), and he has loyal followers in the form of the
other musicians, those who love to dance, those who love the sound of Old Time Music.

Jim Kirchstein--Cuca Records