DRUST/Radio Show Producer/Host & Writer

Dear Ozzie,
       Thanks for the new CD.   This was a delightful surprise.   I don't know how
you recorded this, but it sounds like live musicians, not done on your new electronic
       The sound is superb.   Your choice of tunes is exqusite.   I absolutely love the
the title track.   The music has the old Uncle Ozzie/Cousin Fuzzy style, while
the up-to-date recording quailty.   You can be proud of this project.   I'd also further
encourage you to release more of the Fuzzy transcriptions.   I loved that project.
       I've already programmed your CD on my 247 Polka Heaven internet program
on my WEMP-AM show in Milwaukee.   I'll also be using it on my WTKM
       In short: Nice work.   I look forward to seeing you once again this spring and
summer at some live music event.   In the mean time, please know that your new
disc will be getting plenty of spins on my radio programs.


                                                                                          Greg Drust