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                  To purchase this fine Juice please contact:

                                    Ozzie & Shirley
                                    P. O. Box 341
                                 Portage, WI. 53901
                        TELEPHONE: 1-608-742-8707
                             CELL PHONE: 1-608-334-9332
                                 FAX: 608-742-6241
                          Or Email them by clicking

              Ozzie & Shirley's IPC #: 2156386 (Clifford Banks)
                      (1) 33oz.  Bottle

Retail Customer Price:                     $42.00
Tax      (Where required by State Law)
Minimum for $1.00 - $7.00 Shipping   $6.50
Pay with a check, payable to Clifford Banks,
Noni can be sent directly to your home, after they receive your check.
    TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is always available at Ozzie's dances.  Feel free to ask them
about it.
            (4) 33oz. Bottles Per Case

Retail Customer Price:    $168.00
Shipping (Minimum)         $17.10 (10.175%)
Tax:      (Where required by State Law)
                 (1) 33oz.  Bottle

Customer Price:          $45.00
Tax:   (Where required by State Law)
        (4) 33oz. Bottles Per Case

Customer Price:                  $161.00
Tax:    (Where required by state law)
(Cost Per Bottle                    $40.25)
If these prices are not affordable for you, remember, life is priceless.   
This is a great product that will change your life.  
All you have to do is
Tell The Story  , and Sell to others for good health.
You will be building a business that will pay for your good health in return
® Juice is the one good thing you
can do for you and your fami
Prices of the TAHITIAN NONI®
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International, Inc.
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